Quarterly Newsletter of the Florida Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists

Saturday, March 20, 2010

25 September 2008

APG Florida Chapter Teleconference Meeting

The APG Florida Chapter held its meeting on 25 September by teleconference.President Alvie Davidson arranged for and presided over the teleconference at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 25, 2008.

The following members were present: Amy Larner Giroux, CG; Bonnie Kohler; Ann Staley; Cindy Davis; Debbe Hagner; Gladys Paulin; Juanita Friedenberg; and Dick Robinson.

The APG Florida Road Show for FSGS was discussed. Alvie stated that Ken Macomber, who had organized the Road Show in the past, had given him a file that contained the forms and procedures for the Road Show. In turn, Alvie distributed the file to the participants of the teleconference. Alvie described the Road Show and asked for someone to run it at the FSGS conference in November.

Gladys Paulin described the procedure as the patrons filling out a questionnaire for the Road Show on Friday and then being assigned a 15 or 20-minute time slot for consultation on Saturday. APG Florida Chapter member Road Show assistants assigned the patrons to the professionals.

Juanita offered to help. Cindy said she would organize the Road Show. Ann Staley said she was not available to help because she was assisting with organizing the conference.

Alvie said he would be available to staff the APG Florida Chapter booth most of the time. He said he needed a couple of other people to assist him. Juanita said she would help.

The APG Florida Chapter annual meeting/luncheon was discussed. The meeting will be held at the FSGS conference on Friday in one of the session rooms. Ann Staley said a session room would be available, as room availability was built into the conference contract. Alvie said he would make arrangements for the lunch.

Debbe stated that not everyone who desired a consultation at the Road Show could be accommodated last year. Cindy said that the Road Show booth could be available on both Friday and Saturday. Gladys reminded her that the consultants needed some time to prepare for some of consultations. It was agreed that the questionnaires would be filled out on Friday, and the appointments would be on Saturday.

Cindy stated that the consultations would be promoted on Friday, to facilitate more appointment slots being filled on Saturday.

Alvie said he would be available for genealogy research questions at the APG Florida Chapter booth.
Cindy will e-mail members about the Road Show arrangements.

Alvie will e-mail members regarding the lunch.

Amy stated that 26 members had paid dues. Gladys added that the dues were for year 2008.

Offices up for re-election in 2008 are Secretary and Chapter Representative.

Alvie asked for volunteers for the nominating committee. Bonnie, Dick, and Juanita volunteered. Bonnie was assigned chairman.

The deadline for nominations is 30 days in advance of the annual meeting. Consent of the nominees is required by two weeks prior to the meeting.

Returning to the topic of the Road Show, the following members offered to be consultants: Gladys, who said she would also relieve Alvie in the APG booth; Ann; Debbe; Dick; and Alvie.

Debbe asked if the consultants were permitted to attend any of the presentations. Ann replied that only those who paid to attend the sessions were permitted to attend.

Amy asked Ann if the lecture schedule had been set. Ann told Amy the times she would be speaking. Ann said that Ann Osisek would be publishing the lecture schedule.

Alvie said he would get some help with the APG Florida Chapter booth and that he would send details in e-mail.

Debbe commented that she didn't feel that anyone staffing the APG Florida Chapter booth should sell any of their products there. She thought it was okay if someone displayed their business card. The comment was made by Alvie and/or Gladys that our chapter did not have a tax exempt number, and there should be no selling at the booth.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Dunphy Kohler